About Jody & Ted

Jody Topping and Tiny Tim the Miniature Donkey

Ted and I bought our farm just five years ago, 113 acres with river frontage in North Kawartha.  Both of us had grandparents that had farms and loved the lifestyle  we thought, looked relaxing… lol!

We soon we realized just how hard of a job it was looking after the equipment and animals along with the worry and being tied to the farm without much chance of holidays.  I was a postmaster in the General Store that we owned and I retired in 2015.  Ted owned an Insurance Brokerage and retired in the spring of 2016.  We knew “not much” about farming but were willing to learn.

Ted traded in his suit for a plaid jacket and jeans and I relaxed with the hours of work.  We joked that we were the couple off  “Green Acres”.  We also have a place in Florida which we can’t get to as much as we hoped so planned so rent that out in the future.


Happy with our new red tractors and shiny equipment we dove in head first.  We acquired 2 beautiful donkeys -Cash and Tango - and a set of pot belly pigs and we were officially farming!  Then we had the opportunity of getting a group of animals that were part of a petting zoo. It included 2 alpacas, 4 goats, 4 sheep, 2 mini horses and 2 mini donkeys. We were in heaven, and loving learning about our new "family additions".  We enjoy time renovating our farm house and just living the life.

We have 4 grown married children and 4 beautiful grandkids with 2 more on the way, and they all enjoy coming to the farm and running around the 113 acres. on Our grandkids have so much fun here and call it the “Funny Farm”.

Then our little Tiny came into our lives on June 10, 2017 and has  really changed our lives for the better! We often joke that we live with him not the other way around.

Ted Topping and Tiny Tim