Tiny’s Pool Day

Tiny was anxiously waiting this spring for the warm weather like everyone else in the family. My flowers around the pool and new flower beds will fall victim to Tiny’s little hooves, and his curiosity as to whether they taste like shredded wheat or just pretty grass. We opened the pool this year on May 8th but last fall, if you follow Tiny on Facebook, you will remember his pool incident.
Last year (2017) Tiny was younger and very cautious and leery about going too close to the water. But this year just like the pillows, he throws caution to the wind on new experiences.
When fall came it was a sad time for me, time to close the pool. We get a lot of enjoyment from our new pool since living on the farm it’s too busy to take a holiday away. When the company came to shut things down Tiny was curious watching all the men and the action around his beloved pool. Gene was dropping the water level and taking the hoses and lights out for closing it up, and Tiny was watching closely hanging his head over inspecting the job. I told them that I would bring him inside if he was being a pain in the “A$$” but they said “No, he was entertaining them”, I guess they never had a donkey help before. He was circling the pool picking up any tools and bags and plastic pool parts necessary for the job …. and close behind him were the men chasing, trying to retrieve them. I was watching and giggling from the living room window. All was quiet till Gene started banging on the picture window like a crazy man yelling ” I’m so sorry Jody, your donkey fell in the pool, it happened so fast… we had to flip the pool cover back because he swam to the end and was trying to come up the stairs…. I jumped in but he was too fast and beat me to the steps… Please, I’m so so sorry, can you throw us some towels to dry him off?”
Most people would be so panicked but I wasn’t because i knew Tiny could swim and he had used the stairs a number of times. And frankly the panic on the poor man made it even funnier. So, both got dried off and none the worse for wear. I’m sure the pool guys now have a new story to tell about the donkey in the pool.